In march 2014 I travelled through the Central Highlands in Vietnam to continue my work about the ethinc minorities. I was accompanied by my good friend Dr Gosh who speaks a bit of vietnamese. We had a nice ride along Ho Chi Minh road which goes almost from North to South near borders of Laos and Cambodia. Going through breathtaking landscapes, we found ourselves in remote and isolated places where very few tourists were to be seen. A majour ride for anybody who's seeking for wilderness and full-immersion in the counrty.
Our best budies for the next two weeks... never let us down!
Young boy from Co Tu minority wearing traditional jacket
Gathering around the polaroid showing the young lady in traditional costume
Wide river along Ho Chi Minh road on the way to Kon Tum
Funeral offering swept away bt the wind
Bah Nar lady posing in front of the communal house
Bah Nar lady posing in Dak Ro Wa village, Kon Tum district

Kids amazed by polaroids
Spending time in Dak Ro Wa village
Old bridge in Kon Tum city
Altar made of wood and buffalo skull was built to bring luck on the new house
Family and friends of two models we shot from Gia Rai minority
Chief of Kon Brap village is making tea to welcome us
Jo Long man waiting for us to set lights for the photoshoot
Curious kids in Kon Drap village
Windows of an old and abandoned school in Dak Rang
Statues were decorating the entrance of the communal house in Dak Rang
Big hearted men in Dak Glei
Alaways following the same rive along Ho Chi Minh road
A lady was removing weeds of one of the thousand war monument in Vietnam
Rice field in Vietnam are... so original
Dr Gosh, childhood friend was living in Vetnam at the time, he went on the trip to help me out. Good time!
Coffee stop under the rain on the way to Da Nang
Pa Co lady proudly smoking pipe, she knew for sure how to be at her best in front of a camera!
In every place we stop, kids come to make of the white weirdos, and its always a good laugh!
Audience gathering while we were preparing the photoshoot in A Bung village
Old and dirty pans waiting for the dishes
Wondderfull view on the way to Khe Sanh
Arriving to misty Khe Sanh 
                                 Wandering in the mist                                                 Motorbike, White Horse and cafe Sua Da
Happy fellow in Khe Sanh market
Looking for a place to have dinner
The backery where nothing looked like the photos advertised
Giant tree on a pass to Quang Binh
the Lonely Giant

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